The 2018 Tour de Yorkshire

So the cat is out of the bag!

DQR7gokVoAAPYhuThe Tour de Yorkshire route for 2018 has been revealed as we are delighted on two counts:
1) The tour comes through Kirkbymoorside!
2) The tour comes through Kirkbymoorside on the Saturday and thus avoids a clash with our 10k!
This is great news as cycling fans who also love to run can make a weekend of it here in the Gateway to the Moors by catching the peleton on Saturday and running the 10k on the Sunday.
We make no apology when we say that the 2016 tour ruined our event. It came through the town bang in the middle of our races and it not only decimated the entries to the main 10k but also sucked the life out of the town for the teens races too.
We love the fact Yorkshire has such a fantastic global event, however it does tend to ride rough shod over anything in it’s path. But it was clear in 2017 when it came nowhere near Kirkbymoorside and our race was over-subscribed that it had been the overriding factor in the our low numbers the previous year.
This year we get the best of both. We have the peleton passing through the town on it’s course from Richmond to Scarborough on Saturday 5th May so the town and cycling enthusiasts (like me) can enjoy that. Then on the Sunday we have the fabulous 10k event plus the Beadlam Tractor Run. It’s going to be a busy week for the town and I personally am looking forward to the town dressing up again for the weekend!

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