The Teen 4k

Towlers Chemist

Let’s just clear something up about this course before we get started – it’s not actually 4km long. It’s 3.7km but as it’s technically unmeasured we round it up for simplicity.

2017-04-30 08.58.02
The view on the way back down to town

This race is for secondary school age children (11-16) and we groups placings for 1st, 2nd and 3rd boy and girl in year 7, year 8/9 and year 10/11. Although originally started for those attending our local secondary schools it’s now well supported by running clubs from far afield. But, we also hold an adult fun run alongside this race for those who want to take part but can’t quite manage the full 10k.

This route is similar to the 10k in that the first half is all gradually uphill – but nothing too severe at all. It is the only one of our races that starts in a southward direction out of the town centre as it head onto a quiet local lane, across a private farm road and back into town. This route does have one crown jewel and that is the stunning view the town as the runners come back down from the top!